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    We usually tag our pets as companions, best friends, listeners and what not. They come into our lives to give us unconditional love; comfort, warmth, happiness, and laughter. The best gift given by them is the bond of friendship.

    Humans who have never had a pet usually call them animals, but Pet lovers or Dog lovers call them buds, pampered children who never grow up.

    Woofsnwags.in, is an idea coined around the love felt for pets. Our friends and family who do not have a pet, cannot feel the need for one. Only a pet parent who had a pet would know how it feels to have someone with four-feet, marvel, wagging his tail, shadowing you around for just a puchiii or a pat. These little wunderkinds become our stress buster and take off all our daily stress and make us smile with their naughty acts.

    Our squad at woofsnwags.in only has one thing in common, love for these four-feet marvels who would wag their tails, when you are around and greet you with all the love.

    We relate to the love for your pet and cherry-pick a range of products which express your love and care for your pet.

    Pet stories are the best past time for any pet lovers, how he eats, poop’s or how upset you get when he isn’t barking on your funny and sad faces. Our choice of products is based on the stories and the experiences shared by dog lovers and dog parents.

    Wnw is an exclusive brand for some ‘Wag-gish’ experiences and product. The range spans from some paw-some-to-awesome range of accessories, food, and LOVE for pets and pet lovers!


    Goofy came in our life after 3 years of persuasion. Whenever I tried to get a dog at home, they just gave me a one liner- either you stay or the dog, so decide for yourself. ☺☺

    Today I have 3 dogs (wanted a cat to :P), I come back on time, more than my folks getting angry at me for being late, they will be showing me tantrums of not being around on time.

    ‘Pets are those kids who’ll never grow up.’ We pamper them with love, passion, and admiration for their unconditional attention and love they give us. We work for that ‘LOVE for pets.’ 

    Inspired by my love for these wonderful four-legged marvels in our lives, this idea keeps my fire alive and fulfill my desire to be a part of the journey, which every pet parent lives. The journey starts from the time they get a thought of including a pet as a family member.