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  • Learn More about American Water Spaniel & Grooming Essentials

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    When it comes to finding the medium-sized dog in regards to muscular gundogs, not flashy in performance or looks then American Water Spaniels is the breed that you should take a look at. They are recognizable by a shiny brown coat which is either wavy or tightly curled. They are typically bred to work the marshy banks or the icy waters. Their jacket is waterproof and dense, their toes are webbed, and feet are thickly padded.

    They are admired for their versatility and intelligence suited to a variety of dog sports. They are also excellent hunters that makes them an ideal combination of retrievers and spaniel traits. If you want to see them happy, then make sure they have enough activity included on a daily basis. Remember, the unemployed American Water Spaniels is destructive and all barky.


    A well bred American Water Spaniel always need high-quality dog food, whether home cooked or commercially manufactured with your vet's approval and supervision. Any diet is suitable to the dog's age right from being a puppy to senior. However, some dogs are prone to get obese. Hence, it is advisable to watch your dog's weight level and calorie consumption.

    We understand that treats are essential for successful training sessions, but giving them too many treats can cause obesity. It is imperative that you should learn which human foods are safe for these medium dog breeds. Always stay in touch with your vet to discuss all the concerns.

    Grooming Essentials

    American Water Spaniel has a waterproof, dense coat that can either be wavy or curled. The AWS require the weekly grooming. However, it is a relatively simple process. However, during summer you will find their coat sparser, but that can quickly be brought into shape using a rubber tipped pin brush. The rest of the year, and specifically during shedding season, a slicker brush should be employed to eliminate the dead hair from the undercoat. As with all medium dog breeds with short hair, the American water Spaniel coat should be maintained, and their nails should be trimmed regularly else it can cause inconvenience to your pet.


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