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  • Basenji Dog

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    Basenji also famously known as "barkless" dog from the region of Africa attracts several admirers all over the world with his erect ears, alert demeanor, muscular body, tail curled tightly over hip as well as small, muscular body. A wrinkled brow gives him sometimes a mischievous expression.

    With these characteristics mentioned above certainly, you will find Basenji very attractive. However, it is strongly recommended to research about Basenji's unique personality and temperament. It will help you understand how well the dog and you can adjust together. Hence, it is imperative that you should always talk to the reputable Basenji breeder and discuss all the pros and cons of living with this medium-sized dog breed.


    Grooming Basics

    Among all medium size dogs, you will find Basenjis as fastidious creatures. Since they have a short coat that makes their grooming quite easy. Typically, they need no more than a quick once a week a rubber grooming tool or soft bristle brush.  When it comes to bathing, you can have the sigh of relief as they do not have the "doggy" smell and do not require a bath until they get into something messy situation.

    Like other breeds, their nails also need to be trimmed on a regular basis as long nails cause problems in their running and walking.


    Nutrition is quite essential when it comes to dog's health. The Basenji breed should do well on both home cooked food or commercially manufactured meals that must be supervised by the vet. Whether it is a puppy or senior Basenji, any diet is fit for all.

    Training sessions are important and require some positive reinforcements like treats. However, dogs are prone to get overweight. This requires close monitoring of their calorie consumption. Any time if you feel any concern related to your dog's health, instantly contact your vet for a consult.


    Early puppy training and socialization classes are advised for all best medium sized dog breeds like Basenji. However, given the Basenji's penchant for mischief, intelligence, and abundant energy, they are a necessity. They are prone to lose interest quickly, so make sure your training session should not last more than 10 minutes.

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