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  • Bedlington Terrier - One of the calm dog breeds

    Sep 26 ,2018 Read 2288 Times

    Originally Bedlington Terrier is bred to kill the vermins. Nowadays, they excelled as companions and emerged as a performer in the show ring. However, they have a keen sense of smell, excellent hunting instincts and have the will to go to the field.


    Intelligent, alert and energetic, this medium-sized dog is a beautiful watchdog and companion. He likes to entertain his people and being the center of the attention. Sometimes he can be aggressive towards other dogs especially of the same gender and loves to chase the small furry animals. Whether you are adopting the Bedlington Terrier or buying one make sure you choose the middle of the road puppy - not the one who is beating up his other mates or who is shy and hiding in one corner. Always try to meet one of the parents of puppies so you can understand the temperament. Even, it is also advisable one should meet siblings or an entire family of the puppy as it helps to evaluate better.

    Like other medium size dogs, Bedlington Terrier also needs early socialization - exposure to different experiences, sounds, sights and people - when they are young. It helps them to grow as a well-rounded dog. It would be great if you can enroll him to puppy kindergarten class. Take him to busy parks, invite people to your place and take him to leisurely strolls to make him acquainted with your neighbors. All these activities will help you to polish his social skills.

    Care Essentials

    Bedlington Terriers have considered one of the best medium-sized dog breeds that exhibit moderate activity levels. They are competent at running at very high speed. Hence, it is advisable to provide them the safely fenced area. They are efficiently suited for small apartments as long as he is getting some space for exercise. When it comes to exercise for Bedlington Terrier, then you can be relaxed as they need a just vigorous game of fetch or a nice walk. He can even join you for a hike or accompany you on a jog.

    If you are looking for the calm dog breeds medium, then Bedlington Terrier is one you can quickly pick. He is one of those breeds who like to be home and relax on the sofa.

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