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  • Charles Spaniel

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    How Charles Spaniel behave with People & Other Children?

    Among all famous small dog names, Charles Spaniel always holds a special place - they are born to be the companion. However, they retain the sporty character of the Spaniel ancestors. If he is not getting the belly rub or sitting on the lap, nothing makes him contend than flush the bird and subsequently try to retrieve it. Among the toy breeds, it is the largest and also categorized in "small dog breeds." They are the right sporting breed, athletic and enjoy running on the beach, hiking and right at many dog sports including, rally, flyball, and agility. Some of them exhibit their prowess as hunting dogs. They are also known as perfect therapy dogs and family dogs.

    Grooming Details

    These are best small dog breeds as they are easy to maintain. You need to brush or comb them 3-4 times a well and bathe them as required. For a dog that likes spending time on your bed or other furniture as well as enjoys playing outdoors, that might be weekly.

    The feathered hair on legs and ears is susceptible to tangling, so keep a tap on those areas often for matting that must be gently combed out. Clean your Cavalier's ears regularly and trim the hair between the pads on the feet. The only challenge with them is keeping their white paws as "pristine white."

    How they behave with people & kids?

    These small-sized dog breeds like Cavalier Spaniel are always in their best behavior with kids who will enjoy throwing a ball for them, participating in dog sports, teaching them tricks or just having them on lap while watching television or reading. Due to their small size, though, they should be overseen when playing with kids who might harm them accidentally.

    They get along with other dogs and play nice with other pets and cats if introduced to them at an early stage. They enjoy some chasing game with a cat. Some Cavaliers try to eat the bird while others live peaceably with them. It is recommended to always supervise your Cavaliers interaction with small animals like birds as this breed can have a strong hunting instinct.

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