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  • Manchester Terrier (Toy)

    Oct 24 ,2018 Read 2037 Times

    Everything about Manchester Terrier (Toy) that you should know

    Manchester Terrier consolidates the streamlined the instincts of a fearless rat terrier and the grace of a small coursing hound. These tiny dogs come in two varieties: standard (not exceeding twenty-two pounds) and toy (not exceeding 12 pounds). All Manchester Terrier is similar in body type, temperament and athletic capability notwithstanding differences in size. They are conveniently recognized by a tight textured coat of jet black and rich mahogany tan. The head is a wedge and long shaped; also they give excellent watchful expression due to the tan spot above each eye point.


    These tiny dog breeds in India need high-quality food best suited to their age to maintain overall health and good weight. Some of the Manchester Terrier is susceptible to getting overweight. Hence it is suggested to watch your dog's weight level and calorie consumption. If you give them dog treats, then do it in moderation. Giving too many can cause obesity, though important training aid.

    Make sure you do not offer table scraps to them especially meals that are high in fat content like, cooked bones. Consult your vet and learn which human food is best suited for your terrier and keep a close watch on the diet of your dog.


    These tiny fluffy dog breeds are easy to maintain, in other words, relaxed "wash and wear" type of dog. An occasional bath with prescribed dog shampoo is all that required to keep them looking like dapper. To maintain the healthy shine of their coat them down with a hound glove or damp towel. Ears must be cleaned on a regular basis to keep them free from debris or excess wax that can create painful ear infection. To maintain the proper alignment of the joints, their toenails should be trimmed in every couple of weeks. Moreover, the Manchester look forward to this grooming session as they tend to spend more time with their beloved master.

    Also, when it comes to exercise they enjoy both like going out and fetching the tennis ball as well relaxing on the sofa. They are known for their active, athletic & swift lifestyle that loves long walks.

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